Notes from Moda

Notes from Moda by Lissa AlexanderLissa Alexander, the Marketing Director at Moda, has agreed to keep the Jolly Jabber updated on what's happening at Moda! However, we need input from you all about what you want her to talk about and what you would like to know.'s another contest -- write what you'd like to hear her talk about on our comment page and we will randomly select a winner on Wednesday, 2/6 for a fabulous Moda prize. The winner will receive an At Water's Edge fat quarter bundle - a $100 bundle from Moda's most recent line!

Lissa is always asking about Emma so she thought the best way to introduce herself to Emma, and to you all, would be through a letter.

Dear Emma,

Your mommy and daddy asked me to write for their blog. I am so flattered but very nervous as well. What should I write about? Why choose me? I write like I talk and sometimes my words get all mixed up. I can spell, I guess that is good. I thought I would write to you and see what you thought.

I am a mother of four boys and one girl ranging in ages from 16-25. I have been a quilter for 26 years and I work for Moda. I have been working at Moda for 12 years. You are going to be 12 months soon, so it is almost the same.

I feel like I have the best job in the world! (Marketing Director for Moda) I get to work with the most talented designers. I get to plan projects. I get to make pretty pictures to go in magazines. I get to plan booths for shows. I get to meet other quilters from all over the world. I get to play with and touch fabric anytime I want.

Emma, What do you think your mommy’s friends would want to learn about moda? Do they want to meet the other people that I work with? I could talk about the owner. He is so fun. You would like him. He wears cool clothes.

Do they want to see behind the doors? How fabric is designed? What about if I told you what was going to happen before it happens? That is kind of like magic. I could do that.

What about the new 3 Sisters collection, Simplicity? It is pretty and soft. There are kits, jelly rolls, layer cakes, charm packs and more. You may need to hide some in your crib because everyone is going to want these.

Maybe your mommy’s friends could send in some suggestions on what they would like to hear about and I will write to you again.

Lissa Alexander
Moda Marketing Director

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