Andalucia by Patty Young

Be prepared to be amazed and very taken with Patty Young's debut fabric collection, Andalucia! Fiery and fun, Andalucia is a visual adventure with its bright and earthy palette, from rich browns and greens to eye-popping reds and pinks. The prints are a cool combo as well -- bold graphic florals and damasks with architectural-inspired patterns, rounded out with complementary strpies, checks and dots. Almost like there's something for everyone! :) We've got Jolly Packs as well as two color bundles available at the Shop!

Greetings, Fat Quarter Shop readers!

It's an absolute pleasure to be here today chatting about my favorite thing... fabric design! Andalucia was inspired by our honeymoon in the South of Spain almost 9 years ago! My husband, Jon, and I took a self-guided tour through the gorgeous towns of Grenada, Cordoba and Seville and even took a day-trip across the Strait of Gibraltar into Tangier, Morocco. WOW, What an adventure that was!

Unlike most newlyweds, I spent my honeymoon days photographing the gorgeous architecture, gardens and open-air markets I came across. And yes, every once in a while I did get a picture of Jon and I, but mostly I was entranced by my beautiful surroundings. The colors were so vibrant, the textures so rich and the food so flavorful that it made a permanent impression on me.

As soon as I decided to design my first fabric collection there was no doubt in my mind where I wanted to draw my inspiration from. Out came the honeymoon album and ideas started flowing! The designs in Andalucia reflect exactly what I fell in love with while visiting Spain: modern comforts trapped in a medieval setting. The collection boasts a rich and spicy palette of colors ranging from deep reds and oranges to fresh chartreuses and pinks. And the designs also vary from old-world rich designs, like Moorish Tile and Birdie Damask, to modern, playful ones like Mod Blooms and Jester. There are also five colorways of Tiny Dots that serve as "almost solids" designed especially for all you quilters out there. But between you and me, they work beautifully as trims for pillows and girlie dresses. ;)

I hope the designs in my debut collection, Andalucia, inspire you to create something beautiful!

Have a great day!

Patty Young
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** All photos used with permission from Patty Young and Dawn Bergeron! **