New Patterns from Miss Rosie's!

The vivacious Carrie Nelson is back with us on the Jolly Jabber to jabber about her newest Schnibbles patterns for Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.! They are so awesome, they made our kit list. And WOOHOO--post a comment on this entry and you'll be entered to win a Dow Jones Quilt Kit (that would be the quilt you see to the left right there)! Winner will be announced on Wednesday, *1/20!

Happy New Year, Jolly Jabberettes!

Can you believe it’s already the middle of January? Yikes! I think this means I’m already behind schedule for Spring Market… especially since I just finished packing and shipping the new Fall patterns! At least the new Schnibbles are done!

I have to tell you about how the Schnibbles came into being because you know the lady responsible, Moda Lissa. Until I started doing these about two years ago, I had only made three or four small quilts. And two of those were small because I ran out of fabric and couldn’t make it bigger! But I kept getting pestered by someone to make something with charm packs. (I know you all think she’s a very nice lady, but really, she’s kind of a pest about things.) Anyway, she kept asking if I was going to make something with charm packs. She even suggested re-doing one of my larger quilts with charm squares which didn’t make any sense at all.

I mean, really, that would take 10 or 12 charm packs… fat quarters would be so much more efficient. Thinking small wasn’t part of my mind-set yet, but since I really wanted to get Lissa to stop mentioning it, I started racking my brain to come up with ideas for charm square quilts. A few days – and a couple of stripped gears – later, I sat down to make two quilts. Two. T-W-O. A week later, I had made six quilts and I couldn’t stop. After making two more quilts, I had to put my new playthings away! Don’t tell anyone – especially you-know-who – but these little quilts have become my favorite things to make.

These new Schnibbles are some of my favorites as all eight of the patterns will work with any charm pack! I would love to make Open Season with Twiggy, Nouveau or Love is in the Air. And I almost made State Fair using Fig & Plum, and Dow Jones was almost a Gypsy (Rose).

As for what’s going on in my workroom, I’m finally cutting up my Aviary fabric! I had an idea for this fabric as soon as I saw it, then I changed my mind… a couple of times. It was the dark pink fabric that kept messing me up. I love it but I want the rest to be scrappy and random and pretty and soft and not too fussy looking. After figuring what I needed for everything, I made some cutting notes for the prints and I should be able to finish cutting this out by next week. I’ve made my cutting notes for the prints and I made these this morning…I’m also pulling fabric for a scrap quilt that will be a pattern for Spring Market… if I like the way it turns out, of course. The pink fabric at the top is from Civil War Crossings and will be the background ~ I’m using 12-gazillion yards of it for my quilt. Okay, not really, I think I’m going to need 5 ¼ yards. Everything else is a “dark” and those are going to be scraps – lots and lots of scraps. The fabrics in the picture are some of what will go in the quilt. I need 2” wide strips, so I’ll cut at least 1 strip from each of these fabrics.And just the other day, I ordered these Bella Solids from the Fat Quarter Shop for a new quilt. A very long time ago, when I was first starting to quilt, I made several quilts using all solid fabrics and I’ve been itching to do one again. The only piece missing is the red border. What do you think so far?

Rosie sends wags and sloppy kisses!
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