Soirée by Lila Tueller

** Edit: The outfit in the photo below is a Pink Fig Pattern!

Remember Lila Tueller? The new lover-of-color designer in Moda's arsenal? She debuted last year with Woodland Bloom, a gorgeous explosion of happy hues and blooms, and her newest line is keeping that tradition strong! Soirée is vibrant with bright teals, spring greens, golden yellow and lively pinks to herald the season. As assortment of buds, leaves, and flowers decorate the collection, and it just brings out that fun-in-the-sun mood! Liven your stash with a little Soirée! We've got plenty of bundles and mini-bundles to go around!

Hi everyone!

I’m really excited that Fat Quarter Shop has received their shipment of Soirée, just in time for spring!

This fabric line was inspired by a beautiful outdoor wedding I went to a couple of years ago. It was in the early summer, and the setting was breathtaking. There were fresh flowers growing all around a rustic fountain and pool, a beautiful gazebo where the cake was displayed, and an arbor overgrown with vines where the couple stood to take their vows. The colors were so fresh and pretty!

I wanted to capture that feel in this fabric collection, in the colors and the excitement. Hopefully you will be inspired by it to create something that makes you feel like a fresh, warm summer day.

I’d love to see what you create, too! Please feel free to send me pictures that I can then add to my photo stream!
Happy sewing!

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