Sushi Roll Giveaway Winner

Finally time to announce the winners of the Lecien Fabric Sushi Roll Giveaway!

1) Amanda said...

I think that it might be addition to the family...

2) Kim said...

I see so many have commented before me and are guessing what first came to mind.. a new baby. BUT, personal could mean more.. an engagement, a special birthday, anniversary, or even a relocation..Can't wait to hear the news.. I love jelly rolls, I am sure there will be place to stack a few pieces of sushi!!

3) rachel griffith said...

emma's gonna be a big sister?!?

*here's hoping it's a baby*

Congratulations! E-mail Jocelynwith your Sushi Roll preference and shipping information.

And finally -- there is indeed a new baby on the way. And then another baby to go with it. Twins!!

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