Jolly Jabber Block Lottery

** Edit: The Jolly Jabber Block Lottery has ended! Thanks for participating! **

** Edit! Questions answered, the first block revealed! **

We've been getting questions in our comments.
Yes, you can enter no matter where you live; it'd be SO FUN to get blocks from across the world!! And yes, this fabric can be fabric purchased from FQS at anytime in history!! Here is the first block, by Debbie. As shown, the whole block should measure 12.5" across. Keep asking and we'll keep answering! Can't wait to see what you make!!

** end edit! **

It's Monday! We know you don't usually exclaim that with pure elation and bright eyes, but we've got a wonderful new contest for you all that will hopefully help those Monday blues, something we've never tried before. A maiden voyage, if you will.

Debbie started this whole thing on Twitter. She simply said, "
I have an idea for a Blog Contest! Tell you tomorrow!" Hmmmm, how mysterious!

We gathered the very next day, and Debbie explained to us her idea to do something like a block exchange contest on the Jolly Jabber, to give readers a way to get involved with each other. 'But how would we manage something like that with so many readers?' we fretted. 'All those blocks!'

But of course Debbie had an idea for a unique twist, and within the hour we'd figured out a way to start -- the Jolly Jabber Block Lottery!

The rules are very simple!
  1. Make your favorite block (or blocks!), measuring 12.5" unfinished, from any fabric purchased from the Fat Quarter Shop.

  2. You may submit as many 12.5" unfinished blocks as you would like.

  3. Pin a slip of paper to your block with your name, city & state.

  4. Mail your 12.5" unfinished block(s) to Fat Quarter Shop, c/o DEBBIE'S BLOCK LOTTERY, P.O. Box 1544, Manchaca, TX 78652.

  5. 5. Blocks must be received by June 30, 2009, to be entered.
As we receive your block, we will post pictures on the Jolly Jabber and our Twitter.

When the Block Lottery concludes, we will select winners at random. There will be two types of winnings!
Now for the FINE PRINT -- Although we're asking for 12.5" unfinished blocks, every quilter sews differently, so the sizes of these blocks are NOT guaranteed and WILL vary. We will group these blocks to the best of our ability, but since all FQS fabric is open game, these blocks will most likely not coordinate. So...Block Winners will receive blocks for a fun, scrappy quilt!

This Block Lottery is intended for FUN only!

With that said we are really excited! Please tell your friends -- the more blocks we receive, the merrier!! How many blocks do you think you'll enter?