Spring Market Day One

Hey guys! We're here in a city bustling with quilters to the extreme right now, starts with a P and ends with an ITTSBURGH. All arrived safely, and we finished our usual first bout with the always eye-opening Sample Spree! Saw some good quilt-y friends and got some photos to show! (Warning: Picture heavy post!)

(Oh yeah -- not sure what Market is? Check out our post explaining it.)

And and and, got some Fat Quarter Bundles to give away!! More details below after my picture purge! Follow us on Twitter this weekend, cuz we'll be tweeting all throughout Market what we see and do!

OK, so we got to Pittsburgh. Here Cheryl and Debbie are, waiting for burgers and fries. We need the fuel for the days ahead! BIG smiles, BIG anticipation!

And off we went to Sample Spree! The first people we see at Sample Spree: Barb and Mary of Me and My Sister Designs! Really digging those juicy colors! (Click on any of these photos to see more fabric highlights on Flickr!) Their line Clementine is out soon, and Birdie follows!

Here's Debbie, examining the newest Bali Pop additions. Good eye, Debbie!

G.E. Designs table sans Gudrun! Love these new patterns -- should be here any day!!

And adorable Pam Buda at her Heartspun Quilts table! I love the way she talks, so sweet. All of those neat patterns beside her are now in stock at Fat Quarter Shop!

Hello, Vicki Bellino of Bloom Creek patterns! Love your beautiful applique!

Lovely Anna Griffin bundles sitting at the Windham table...that's Cheryl and Debbie strolling by in the background :)
Pardon the tired eyes -- the focus is on Lynette Andersen! Talked with her a bit about her new line Christmas Magic. She says it's quite an experience, stitching on her own fabric for the first time!! I'm enchanted by her accent, and oh my goodness, she's pretty. :)

You KNOW what's about to happen to this Moda area, right?

THIS is what happens. Move it or lose it.

Hi Camille! Proof that pretty people rifle as well :) JK!!

Don't know who this is (let me know if you do? LOL) but she looks happy with her loot!
Yay! One night down, 3 more days to go! Stay with us...we'll be back each night!

So here's the rundown on the Giveaway... we got a Fat Quarter Bundle each of the collections from Moda's two newest designers!! Rouenneries (pronounced "Ruin-er-eez") from Kaari Meng of French General and Authentic from Sweetwater. Pardon the bedroom setting :P
We'll pick one comment from our blog and one reply on Twitter to @FatQuarterShop to win one of them! You can enter both ways! Tell us what you want to see from Market...who you've been hearing about or who you've seen on the blogs. Or what do you want to know about Market in general?

We'll do our best to share as much as we can! We'll post and tweet our winners on Monday, when we do our final Market recap!

Thanks for reading!! And good night! *hits the sack*