Clementine by Me and My Sister

These ladies are always so fun to have around. They're forever laughing, smiling, and poking fun at each other, like true sisters. You may have already had a taste of Clementine, but if the happy colors haven't swayed you yet, check out what Barb and Mary of Me and My Sister Designs have to say about their newest collection for Moda Fabrics!

Hi Jabberettes!

Well we are home from Market in Pittsburgh and the crates that you saw going to market arrived home too. They certainly were not packed as well coming home as they were going! When the crate arrived home my son's car was in our garage being I had to have the crates put on my front porch. I was so worried about all those quilts being outside all night that I woke up every hour or so to make sure that someone hadn’t gotten into the boxes and stolen about 30 quilts. I even had a strange dream about the Ice Cream Truck Man throwing the quilts into the freezer of his truck and driving off.

At 5 AM the sun started to rise and the quilts are safe -- so back to bed for a few hours!!!!

We are so happy that our new fabrics for Moda, Clementine, are at the FQS!!! This was a great group to design and it seems that we say that every time, but it's true! We really wanted to use some vibrant orange in this group. Mary is a closet orange lover and has a marvelous orange stash that she has collected over the years. The name of the group also stemmed from the love of orange -- Clementine -- oranges -- get it?

We think that the “Oh My Darling” quilt is adorable and so easy to make using charm packs and honey buns; we love the precuts and always try to include them in our quilts. They save so much time and we love getting a selection of everything in the group.

If you haven’t seen the new summer addition of Quilts and More magazine you have to get it and look at page 8. Our new free pattern for the Clementine panel is shown with information on getting a free copy of the pattern “Forever Clementine” by visiting our website.

Is that old song about the miner forty-niner running through your head yet?

Hope that you enjoy Clementine as much as we did designing it.

Thanks for having us, FQS!!
Barb and Mary
Me and My Sister Designs

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