Debbie's First Quilt

Debbie brought in her first quilt for the Parade of Quilts that Camille and Carrie concocted. Not too shabby, eh? What can I say, the lady was destined to make great quilts!

The quilt bug bite me about 22 years ago as I was anticipating making a quilt for the daybed in my soon-to-be new baby daughters nursery. I’ve been sewing all my life, including making my own clothes as well as my kids' clothing. So how hard could it be to follow a quilt pattern and make a quilt? Problem was, the pattern I chose was very difficult with lots of little triangles. But, I started in and soon found out that I needed some “tips”. I made the phone call to my local quilt shop, signed up for a beginning quilting class, and the rest is history. The quilt I made in class is the one pictured.

After I mastered the techniques, then I went back to the quilt for the daybed and had no problem finishing it. I vowed to save this “first” quilt forever because I just knew that someday someone would want to know where I “started”. I’m so glad I did, because now is the opportunity to show you! Good news is, I have aspired to bigger and better things! Who would have thought that I would be working for an online fabric company someday doing what I now do. So here is the “after” quilt 21 years later.

I love batiks and paper-piecing and have taught this class many times! I attribute my quilting ability to my very first beginning quilt teacher in Davis, California, and my mom who taught me how to sew!

Debbie Taylor
Fat Quarter Shop