The Silent Re-Auction Winner... Amy D!

We unofficially had dubbed her "mysterious Amy D." when she first popped up on Camille's blog, but now we know who she is, and she is the big winner of Camille's Wild Thing quilt!

Thank you to all who bid -- Bonnie, ByTheSea, Denice, and our wonderful pal Moda Lissa -- for being moved to act and giving hope for Benson & Claire's whole family.

Even better? We just found out that Moda is matching the winning bid. How awesome.

If you'd still like to donate, here is their Donor Page. And if you'd like to drop the family an encouraging note, you can e-mail them here.

Again, thanks so, so much. Can't say how much of an honor it is, just to be able to get involved. We had a sweet comment from the children's aunt, and that's where I'll end it!

"I just have to say THANK YOU!!! Claire and Benson is my niece and nephew and Jared is my brother. This family is amazing and means the world to me, and seeing you amazing people helping for this cause is just awesome!!! Thank you to all of you!!"