Deeeaaar Santa...

** Hey all! Santa's swinging by today (12/18), we've closed the comments so he can fill up his bag and be on his merry way. Thanks! **

Christmas is fast approaching, and in the spirit of the holiday, we get to play a little Elf for Santa Claus!

While it probably isn't appropriate to sit on Santa's lap at your local mall and tell him what you'd like for Christmas anymore, you can still give him a hint at the Jolly Jabber...

We little helpers are going to help him make some Christmas wishes come true!

Here's what you do...

1. Go to our website and pick something that you want. Something you reaaaally really want. Quilt kit? Fat Quarter Bundle? Layer Cake? The only restrictions are -- it has to be something that is in stock now (no future fabrics), it cannot be a gift certificate, and it has to be something we can send to you all at once (for instance, not a club).

2. On your blog, write a short post with your letter to Santa and tell him what you would like from Fat Quarter Shop. (If you don't have a blog, you can add this info as a comment to this post.) Please include a link to the item (he checks his list twice, you know), and you may use our image for your post too! You can word your letter however you want...Santa likes to laugh ("ho ho ho!") and he sincerely appreciates creative minds!

3. Then come back to this post and add a comment with a link to your Dear Santa post. Please make sure that your profile is public so Santa can access it!

Once you post your comment, we'll make sure they zing their way up to the North Pole. Santa has promised (pinky-sworn, actually) to grant a few of these wishes. And you know he can :)