Announcing a New Moda Designer!

We are sooooooo ecstatic to post this!! It's been top-secret up until this very very very second.

Guess who the newest Moda fabric designer is going to be??? (I purposely didn't write it in the title of this post so there'd still be an element of surprise.)



Yes yes yes folks, do a little bunny hop right now because Anne Sutton is joining the line-up of fabulous Moda creativistas!

Oh my goodness, I can hardly contain my excitement! Have you seen this Moda ad in McCall’s Magazine? It's me; I’m one of the COMING SOON hexagons!

Kimberly was the one who encouraged me to present a fabric line to Moda. She’s always been there to support me, and it's because of her encouragement that I can finally shout it from the rooftops...Bunny Hill is designing for MODA FABRICS!

Bunny Hill will be having twins with Moda, can you believe it? That's right -- twins, and they're going to be spoiled before they even arrive! Everyone at Bunny Hill is fawning over them, and we've already given them names! "Lily & Will" will be arriving at Spring Market on May 21st in the Moda booth. We've planned quite the party! We're serving Jelly Rolls, Layer cakes, and bundles of joy like you've never seen before!

Just look at the selvage on this fabric!

This is going in a special quilt for Lily. And of course we can't forget Will.
He's going to have a special quilt too. And leave it to Moda to show the colors on the selvage with little bunnies!

Here's a sneak peak at one of the sweets I'll be serving at market. You're invited for a tasting too! Kimberly will be announcing when they arrive at The Fat Quarter Shop! Treats like you’ve never seen before!

So get ready for satin, satin ruffles, beautiful damasks and more, in colors so beautiful you won't believe it!

Thank you Moda! You’ve made it so easy for our twins to arrive!

Anne Sutton
Bunny Tales
Bunny Hill Designs