Make Life... by Sweetwater for Moda Fabrics

Are you a Sweetwater fan yet? This mother-daughters trio took us by storm last year with their debut Authentic line -- it was a go-nuts, can't-keep-it-in-stock collection. Even if your aesthetic isn't normally their natural look, yet you LOVED it. I think the same can be said for Make Life..., their next line that is now available! Perfect for Spring with its bright primary palette, with a dose of contemporary, sophisticated gray...yeah, we're big Sweetwater fans. :) Hope you enjoy our little tete-a-tete with the Sweetwater gals!

So, Sweetwater ladies! Make Life… is a colorful departure from your first line for Moda, Authentic. What’s the thought and inspiration behind this line?

There are many different styles and colors that appeal to us and we like to change things up! Although I do think that both Authentic and Make Life both fit well into our simple and clean style. The Make Life line was actually inspired by an HGTV commercial that ran several years ago. In the commercial, several of the HGTV stars promoted their show by saying Make Life _____ and then they would fill in the blank with a different word. We came up with our favorite Make Life...... phrases and put them into a collection.

Has your design process changed any since the first time around? Any lessons learned or better yet more ideas?

Our design style is always evolving - always trying new techniques and incorporating new ideas into our designs. We are always looking for new ideas to keep our style looking "fresh"!

What’s your vision for Make Life… ?

We actually came out with 7 new patterns using the Make Life line, that were shown at the 2009 Fall Quilt Market. We plan on coming out with a few new projects once the fabric has been shipped. (On a personal note, my vision is to re-do my guest bedroom with the Make Life line!)

Last time you wrote for us, you said you were still waiting to see if you like Authentic or Make Life better. Is the answer clear now, or is the jury still out?

I think that we still may be split on that. My mom would say Authentic but my sister and I prefer Make Life! Good thing we have something for us all. We also revealed our next line for Moda that throws another option in the running!

Karla, Susan & Lisa
Make Life Sweet