Summer's End by Kansas Troubles Quilters for Moda

Down in my neck of the woods our seasons are accordingly : hot and dry, hot and humid, freezing (@ 55 degrees), anndd then there might be a week or two of perfect "spring time" weather thrown in.  Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful and I wouldn't live anywhere else.. colder.. The only down side is I don't really get to see a true fall with those vibrant reds and oranges. 

Summer's End reminds me of the calming sites down here in Texas until our nature's life becomes bare naked from that 55 degree weather.  Although Lynne Hagmeier (owner and designer of Kansas Troubles Quilters) is a Kansas gal, she captures Summer's End/ Texas fall time with elegance.  And today she is here to give you a little more designer's insight.

My favorite time of year is Summer's End, when the bright blooms of summer fade into the warm mellow tones of fall. Much of my garden is full of flowers that dry well for long lasting bouquets of deep reds, oranges and golds, dark greens and chocolate browns. These are the colors I live comfortably with in my home all year round. When I found the mum floral print on a vintage curtain panel in the new Summer's End fabric collection, it immediately drew me back to that time of year and the rich colors of fall.

The Summer's End quilt is bursting with bunches and rows of flowers in the glorious colors of autumn and features a Moda precut Honey Bun for easy piecing. Projects in the booklet include a queen and lap quilt plus a wall quilt, runner and pillow - all for just $10.95 (Coming soon to the FQS)

Stay cool,

Lynne Hagmeier
Kansas Troubles Quilters

ALSO! Make sure you keep on the lookout...We are going to be doing a giveaway for Summer's End very soon! :-)