Your Favorite Schnibbles Contest Quilts! And an extra surprise!

"Your Favorite Schnibbles" quilts are due!! I'm excited to show off what you've made with some fabulous Layer Cake choices! If you are just now joining us, this is the conclusion to our little contest/giveaway. It is based off of Carrie Nelson's book Schnibbles Times Two, which may arguably be the best thing to ever happen to Layer Cakes. (And -- who knew -- if not for the Jolly Jabber, the book may have not come to be!!??)

Carrie Nelson the Great is here today to give us an update on the life and times of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. (La Vie en Rosie LOL!); new Schnibbles, revamped pattern... be sure and read through to the end for a nice little surprise and some show-and-tell!

Hidee ho Jabberettes!

What’s new with you? It’s a hot, hot day in my neighborhood… but that’s not really new for Phoenix. Did you know that the line “Hot time, summer in the city” was written with Phoenix in mind? Okay, not really, but it could have been. That’s one of my favorite summer songs, by the way. Actually, I think it’s everybody’s favorite summer song... but I’m digressing. As usual.

It’s been kind of a crazy year since I was here last time, in part because of something I wrote last time… but more on that in a moment.

Have you seen the new Schnibbles patterns? Joy Luck is probably my favorite, probably because I love, love, love the Verna collection by Kate Spain. I love Fandango too, but Verna is definitely my favorite. I love that French General too. My Mon Ami (coming soon to Fat Quarter Shop)...wait until you see it… you'll wonder, how in the world did she manage to work 268 half-triangle squares into a 33” x 33” quilt? It was easier than you think.

And then there’s that fabric thing ~ Fresh Palette will be here in October. It’s making me crazy to have to wait to actually get the fabric in my hands but then again, it will get crazy when I actually have it and have to get a couple of quilts made. Pronto. It’s a mixed bag, isn’t it?

Books! Spice of Life Quilts and Schnibbles Times Two are already out and A Touch of Rosie is coming this October. As beautiful as the two Leisure Arts books are, I really miss the cows. (Schnibbles Times Two ~ page 59. It’s my favorite picture in the whole book… and but for a series of events set in motion by something I wrote here last year, it might not have happened.

In telling you how the Schnibbles patterns came into being, I kinda sorta suggested that maybe, just possibly someone was making a little bit of extra work for me with her ideas and pestering. You know her. You love her. Yes, Moda Lissa. That’s who I’m referring to.

A few weeks after Lissa had written a nice post trying to explain the reasons for her pestering me, I e-mailed her to make sure she knew I was teasing because, well, not everybody does. And it was important that she know I was teasing… just in case I needed some more charm packs. (Okay, so that’s probably why I e-mailed her in the first place, but my version sounds better.) When she wrote me back, she told me that she had this idea for turning my charm pack quilts into layer cake quilts. An e-mail to the lovely ladies at Martingale and a week later, I’ve got a contract, a dozen quilts to get made and a manuscript to write. And oh yeah, by the way, this was all taking place about two months before Spring Market.

I told you she’s good at making work for me. In the most loving way possible.

Before I forget, if you went back and read the post from last year… the nine-patches were part of Quadrille, the scraps in the basket became Sweet Tea and the Bella Solids are in a version of Blue Skies that will be out in another month or so.

As for Schnibbles Times Two ~ I wasn’t 100% sure about them when I first started because… well, the pieces are kind of big. Seriously! A couple of those quilts have flying geese that finish at 4” x 8”! Huge! But here’s the rub… the bigger pieces are perfect for all those fabulous contemporary collections, like Verna. And Fandango. And Freebird ~ yes, I’m in love with this one too. Who knew that those really big pieces meant so many more fabric options for moi?

And it wasn’t like I couldn’t occasionally put a few small pieces into the quilts, just to get it out of my system if I just had to. For example, instead of just cutting a big square, I could make a couple half-triangle squares and piece them to make something the same size. That’s how I came up with Lumiere de McGuffey. It’s just the McGuffey quilt from the book with a little tweaking. All you need are two Lumiere Layer Cakes ~ though any two layer cakes will work, so long as you have 83 squares, a half-yard of fabric for an inner border and the Schnibbles book. And these free revised instructions.

Okay, my glass of iced tea is empty so that means it’s time for me to go.

Oh, one last thing… if you leave a comment here by next Monday, July 19, you can win a complete kit to make the Lumiere de McGuffey quilt. The kit includes two layer cakes, the inner border yardage, and a signed Schnibbles Times Two book. And it comes packed in a Schnibbles project bag. All you need are the backing and binding.

I’m betting that Kimberly and Co. can help you out with that.

Did you hear that, Schnibbles fans?? Thanks to Carrie for her generosity!!
Now let's do a little show-and-SchnibblesTimesTwo-tell so we can out some fab prizes too!

Entries from Debi Lohr:
"Bennington" with Make Life and Odyssea Layer Cakes
"McGuffey" with Tweet Tweet Layer Cakes

Entry by Cara Quilts:
"X-Rated" with Essence Layer Cakes

Entry by Simone de Clerk
"Little Red" with Blush Layer Cakes

Entry by Bree's Place
"Open Season" with Whimsy Layer Cakes

If I've missed your entry, please let me know ASAP!!! We'll announce the winners & prizes in the next post!! Good luck to all, and thank you for playing!!