Pure by Sweetwater

Purely savory, purely contemporary, purely humble-- that's Sweetwater's new line Pure in a bubble.  Jaybird's contest we sponsored just a bit ago tells me everyone can agree with how savory this line really is (after an overwhelming amount of people wanted to win Pure!-- an outstanding overwhelming of course)!

Pure makes me think of pristine water that's gone through a Brita filter, not just once, but about 5 times.. maybe as Outcast would say.. "so fresh and so clean, clean".  Sweetwater has made this line from... well lets let her tell you herself...

So, I've had this bench for oh, about 20 years, and as the times have changed, so has my home decor.. along with this bench.  I upholstered the seat with red plaid when I first purchased it and last summer I decided to paint it "Mill Springs Blue".  To say the least we absolutely loved the color and had to make a fabric line from it... from that Pure was birthed!  

Compared to my past lines Pure is definitely different than Make Life, but is more similar to Authentic. We didn't really plan it out that way, but I am really happy with the way it turned out!

My all time favorite project with Pure is the quilt that we designed called Pure Happiness. We always love to see what people are creating with our fabric and always encourage them to send us a picture!

Currently, we are working on new patterns for our latest fabric collection - they will start showing it in September. I absolutely love this line and we can't wait to share it!!!!

- Sweetwater