The New and Improved Jolly Pack!

Just over two weeks ago there was a 6th Jolly that entered the Fat Quarter Shop family. Now that everyone is home from the hospital and life is kind-of... sort-of getting back together.. we have some pictures to show you the new addition... and some of the old of course!

Well first, I'll show you the adorable Halloween costumes of the first 3 kiddos!

Will the lion. (15 months old)

Peyton the monkey. (15 months old)

Emma the Donut! (and yup, she picked out her costume all by herself!)  (3 1/2 years old)

And now, what you've all been waiting for... Presenting Christopher Kevin Jolly...

Mommy Kimberly & Christopher

Daddy Kevin and Christopher

Looks like he decided to join the red headed train with Emma and Peyton!

The Jolly Pack (in order)- Christopher, Emma, Peyton & Will

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