Hello to Ann Kelle

Today we have a very special guest who is also a first timer at the Jolly Jabber. Kelle Boyd of Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman is here for a lil Q&A session!  Make sure you stay tuned because there is a very generous giveaway carrying on Kelle's 8 weeks of Christmas at the end!  

How did you get into designing fabric?
I started out in the stationery industry. In the summer of 2008, I was in a boutique that carried some of my stationery. During a conversation with the boutique owner, she said she could see my designs on children's clothes. That statement sparked something inside. I then began contacting fabric companies. I received a couple of noes and a couple of yeses, in the end I decided to go with Robert Kauffman.

Tell us about your current line(s)? 
I have two new lines that are coming out. Izzy Flannel, consists of lots of florals with fun color combinations. (I have a thing for flowers). This line is different from my other lines in that it is a little bit more sophisticated, I think. My other line is Ready, Set, Go, is a super fun line on organic cotton. It's a transportation line with cars, trains, helicopters with lots and lots of bold colors.

What are you working on now? 
We're working on wrapping up my next line that comes out in the spring, and I am beginning to design for new lines for the latter part of 2011.

What inspired Urban Zoology?
I don't know? Typically I like designing stuff with flowers, but I'm entering into a new phase where I really enjoy drawing animals and character. I do know that the whale design was inspired by a sweater Natalie wore on the "Facts of Life," an 80s sitcom. As for the owls, I was seeing owls everywhere and I wanted to do my take on them.

What has inspired your color palettes? All of them seem to be very bold, do you think you will always stick with that? 
 I pull a lot from things in my childhood that made me happy. I love happy colors.

Thank you Kelle for joining us today and donating for the giveaway, you are such a sweetheart!  Now time to announce what exactly that is....!

You have a chance to win one of 3 Remix Roll Ups!  All you need to do is *Like* Ann Kelle on Facebook, then comment on this blog post telling us you did so. Contest closes Monday, January 3rd @ midnight CST so... Get ready... and GO!

** To answer some confusion, yes, her real name is Kelle Boyd and her company name is Ann Kelle Designs. **