Joel Dewberry presenting Aviary 2

Good morning! Today's guest is known for his modern yet timeless designs. This husband and father of four has put together his favorite collection yet- no, seriously it actually is- Joel will explain this further.  But anyway, Joel Dewberry has a lot to tell you today, so let's welcome him!

Hi Jolly Jabbers,

The Aviary 2 line is a compilation of some of my most favorite and popular designs from earlier collections. I love designing for fabric because it allows my designs and creations to come to life on a beautiful surface that has some permanence. To know that so many talented and creative sewists, quilters and designers will be using my fabric in the creation of their own projects is a flattering and humbling sensation. On the other hand it is really difficult to be a fabric designer when I know the relative life cycle of one of my design collections is rather short, normally 1-2 years before it becomes discontinued. While this is done to make room for the "NEW" designs being created, I still struggle to see past collections become "out of stock". I know many share my same feelings as I receive and respond to inquiries on a weekly basis about where to locate specific designs from these early design collections that have been discontinued.

My idea with Aviary 2 was to reach back to early design collections, which are now discontinued, and bring the best of the best back to life, the creme de la creme. My all time favorite designs like the Sparrow print, wood grain or faux bois, damask, scrollwork and the bloom print now have a home together in one All-Star collection. And of course Aviary 2 had to be the name because the real driving force behind the reintroduction of these designs was the popularity of my signature Sparrow design from my original Aviary collection.

My color choice for Aviary 2 was inspired by my love for a vintage but hip flare. It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to create new color ways that do not include aqua.

Aqua and I have been friends since early 2006 in my Chestnut Hill, earth color way and it has stuck around since for nearly every collection.

The Saffron and Granite color palettes are extensions of early color combinations that were so popular and still feel very relevant today. The Lilac color palette was a brand new introduction of a color scheme that has been on my mind for some time. We were delighted to receive our first strike-offs and witness how bold and fresh the contrasting purples, greens and aqua were working together.

Another way of defining the color ranges is Granite as a formal palette, Saffron as a cozy, comfortable palette and Lilac as a vibrant yet relaxing palette. What do you think?

To date my favorite project from the Aviary 2 line is the Pendant quilt and coordinating pillow we designed to go in my daughters new bedroom.

The lilac color range was my favorite on this introduction and I thought the result was stunning when we applied the designs to our very sparse and minimal Pendant quilt pattern. We are anxious to paint walls and complete the ensemble with more pillows and decorative details in the room like my bird sachet project from my book.

Currently, we are in a mad dash to the finish line in getting ready for Spring Quilt Market. My wife, Laurie, and I have been working like crazy to complete my next design collection and to be ready to introduce a line of life style sewing patterns at market. Despite it being right on the heel of the Aviary 2 line, my newest collection Heirloom couldn't wait. We will be offering it in our standard cotton, cotton sateen, laminated fabric, and voile. We think it is amazing and can't wait for everyone to see it in its entirety! Our sewing patterns will include skirt and dress patterns, handbags and a pin cushion.

- Joel Dewberry