Pattern Designer: Sweet Jane + Giveaway

Hello quilting friends! My name is Sue Pfau, and my pattern design company is called “Sweet Jane’s Quilting & Design”. I named it after my daughter Jane. My husband and I adopted Jane from China. Our son, Jack, is from Taiwan.

A little about myself….I am a wife and mother of two kids, 3 and 6 years old. We live in a small town in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate NY. It is very beautiful and scenic! From the age of about 7 or 8 I dabbled in the hand crafts….knitting, crochet, needlepoint, cross stitch. I was always wanting to create something with my hands. No one in my family is crafty, so when I wanted to learn to sew, I had no one to teach me. When I was about 32 years old, I went to a local quilting store, and the only class they had available was appliqué. Even though my experience in sewing was limited to sewing on buttons, I caught right on and I loved it! It was a God send, because with my job as a flight attendant we had a lot of down time in hotels and airports and I think having quilting projects with me really saved my sanity. I resigned from American after we got my daughter. I was happy to be home, but so worried about being bored!

I had learned to do machine piecing, and I loved sewing, so I started making things to sell on Etsy. I wanted to make quilts and sell them, but I had a hard time finding simple patterns that I thought were pretty as well. I started making up my own designs and then decided to try to sell my patterns. I started writing out my patterns and selling them, and I found them well received by the quilting community. I began selling my patterns in April of 2010.

I love working with the precut fabrics (although all of my patterns are written for fat quarters as well). They are all color coordinated and you don’t have a lot of left over material when you are done with your quilt top. I have always been very practical, so making patterns to fit the precut fabric has turned out to be my niche. Also because I am a mom of young children, I don’t have a lot of time to make my quilts, so the “quick and easy” patterns are the ones I just love to design. Sometimes I think of myself as a “lazy quilter”. I like to do a nice job, but I don’t want it to be difficult to do a nice job! My patterns are designed to be easy and hopefully low stress!! I try to make my patterns easy to understand and include lots of diagrams. I know there are so many new quilters out there, and I want them to be successful in their efforts to learn how to quilt!

Becoming a quilt pattern designer has been an unexpected path for me, and I am so grateful and happy to be where I am today. I really can not believe I am doing this for a living! Thank you to all the quilters out there who are helping me to grow my business and be successful. Happy sewing!

Thank you so much for visiting us today Sue. In the spirit of our new visitor, we have a giveaway!  There will be two lucky winners of 10 Sweet Jane patterns.

To enter leave a comment on this post telling me which Sweet Jane pattern is your absolute favorite.
Contest closes exactly one week from this post date.