Snuggle[s] All Up!

We just got some oh so comfy-snuggly-delicious fabric in 2 yard cuts. Snuggle Packs are perfect backing for some of your favorite quilts. Not quite sure what Snuggle Pack color to pair with your fabric? Here is a list of fabrics that pair with each of our 6 colors of Snuggle Packs.

White Snuggles Pack:
[Matches Bella Solids White Bleached SKU #9900-98 & pretty much every line we have- but here are a few in particular]

1. Flurry
2. Ready Set Snow
3. I Heart
4. Hoo’s in the Forest
5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
6. Dr. Seuss

Butter Snuggles Pack:

1. Lil' Rascals
2. It’s a Jungle Out There
3. Animal Party Too
4. Dolly Dear
5. Love U

Baby Pink Snuggles Pack:

1. Me & My Sister Favorites
2. Delovely
3. Flower Sugar
4. Hoo’s In The Forest
5. Penny Lane

Cherry Snuggles Pack:

1. Appleville
2. Flutter
3. Circus Alphabet Soup
4. Hullabaloo

Baby Blue Snuggles Pack:

1. Flower Sugar
2. Strawberry Fields
3. Oasis
4. Hoo’s in the Forest

Chocolate Snuggles Pack:

1. Sew Sporty
2. Off the Hook
3. Pirates
4. 5 Funky Monkey
5. Urban Zoology