New Pattern Designer: Antler Quilt Design

At Fall International Quilt Market we found an absolute gem. We were extremely impressed with Doug Leko of Antler Quilt Design and we asked him to join us today on the Jolly Jabber. 

Hello, my name is Doug Leko and I am the designer for Antler Quilt Design pattern company.

I have been quilting for 12 years and am only 18 years old! Quilting and sewing is one of my mom’s favorite hobbies so she showed me how to quilt when I was 6 and I never looked back. Now quilting happens to be my favorite hobby too! I love every part of the quilt process from picking the colors, to piecing the quilt, to binding them.

I started designing quilts four years ago because I was looking for traditional quilts with lots of pieces. Before publishing anything I make sure each of my patterns is made two or three times in order to confirm the accuracy of the pattern.

If I had to pick my favorite pattern so far, it would be this one:

I love that you can make multiples of one block and have SIX different ways to layout your quilt. No matter what fabrics or style of fabric you make your quilt out of, it turns out great.

You can now check out all 16 of my pattern plus my book at Fat Quarter Shop!

Thanks for stopping by!
Doug Leko