3 for Me: Jocelyn Ueng

Happy First Friday of the New Year! We hope that 2012 is treating you well so far! Please join me in welcoming Jocelyn Lai, or should we say the new Mrs. Jocelyn Ueng, back to the Jolly Jabber as she catches us up on her 3 for Me --New Year's resolutions style:

"I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. I like lifelong resolutions better (so I don’t have to keep coming up with new ones each year). However, I ended last year with a major life change, getting married, so that merits a new life goal. Like being the best partner I can be to my husband by being supportive, challenging and encouraging him, and *ahem* learning to be more domestic. I also want to get better at biking so I can join him on rides! Before that though, a temporary goal would be to get our new place in order. It would be nice to see each other without pushing boxes around!"

Jocelyn's 3:

1. Folk Heart Yellow Love Birds SKU# 30391-50

2. Michael Miller Baby Haze Bicycles SKU# CX4892-HAZE-D

3. Daisy Cottage Gray Home Sweet Home SKU# C2751-GRAY

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