Designer Tidbits: Denyse Schmidt

While Denyse Schmidt's new collection, Chicopee, ships this FRIDAY (8/10/12), we thought you would want a sneak peek before it leaves the shop. Chicopee from Free Spirit Fabrics is a blast from the past, from the east coast during the 1970's to be exact. Channel your inner Marsha Brady while Denyse chats with us about her collection and inspiration.

Q: What inspired this Chicopee?
A: The overall feeling of the designs is inspired by my junior and senior years of high school, growing up in Central Massachusetts. It was a time of Earth shoes, Levi’s cords, and cute senior boys in paisley shirts. I watched a lot of TV which no doubt influenced my formative fashion sense, including Mary Tyler Moore, The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family, reruns of the Monkees, F-Troop, and Sonny and Cher.

Q: What is your favorite project using this collection?
A: Well, I haven’t really had time to make all the things I really want to. I did make up my Cog & Wheel pattern in Chicopee and I think it looks great. I really, really want to make a skirt (or if I thought I could get away with it at my age – a jumper) out of the ‘relish’ plaid fine wale corduroy.

Q: What would be your collection’s theme song?
A: I Think I Love You, by the Partridge Family.

Q: If you could live in a movie, what movie would it be?
A: Any BBC or A&E period British drama based on a literary classic – Jane Austen, Dickens, George Elliot. Or, the skating scene in The Bishop’s Wife.
Q: What do you get nostalgic over?
A: Simpler, slower times. Phones that ring when you aren’t at home. Old hardware and dry goods stores.

Q: What is your favorite TV show of all time?
A: I have seen the 1996 remake of Pride and Prejudice many, many times. When I was young I loved Merv Griffen and the Avengers.

Q: What’s the strangest compliment you’ve ever received?
A: “ I like your bag – I think”. From a very high up person at Martha Stewart Living.

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