Simply Fat Quarters

We have been dreaming of this moment for months, and it’s finally here!

Boxes and boxes of our perfect Simply Fat Quarters book babies!

Before I say anything else, we want to thank all of you readers for the support, encouragement and cheers you’ve given us since we told you about our book baby. After this crazy venture of writing and self-publishing Simply Fat Quarters, your feedback refreshed us and gave us the second wind we needed to push it to the finish line.

Today, the book is available and ready to share with you all at the FQS site! Like, you can physically hold it in your hands! (I so wished we had photographed our first moment of touching the book for the first time!)

We really hope you will love all the quilts in the book and find a space for them in your life. We have even set up a Flickr group for you to share all the projects you make with it!

We have an exciting blog tour for the book starting in a few weeks, so please stay tuned for that. You will NOT want to miss out – loads of awesome quilts and of course, prizes! Wonder what those could be!

Thank you again… now please excuse us while we go swim in our pool of books for the afternoon…

Love, Kimberly, Jocelyn, Sarah and Debbie