Designer Tidbits: Bonnie and Camille

Marmalade is here and sweeter than we could have imagined.  Bonnie and Camille's newest collection is cheerful, colorful and ready to be played with.  The  mother + daughter design team is here to chat about Marmalade.  Get ready to fall in love.

Q: What inspired this collection?
A: This collection was inspired by summer, creamsicles, and the color orange. We both were in an orangey mood and had tried to figure out a way to sneak it into one of our other collections but it was never quite right. This time we decided that orange would be the star of the group and planned everything else around that. And sure enough, we loved how it turned out! There was definitely a lot of squealing when this line came out of the box.

Q: What is your favorite project using this collection?
A: As silly as it sounds, Camille's favorite would probably be Bonnie's Orange Marmalade quilt. Bonnie's favorite is Camille's Flower Girl quilt. Grass is always greener, right? We are trying to work out a trade, but are each having a hard time letting go of our quilts. We'll keep you posted. ;-)

Q: What would be your collection’s theme song?
A: Whole Wide World by Mindy Gledhill. It's just so darn cute and cheery!

Q: If you could live in a movie, what movie would it be?
A: Singin' in the Rain! Good heavens that movie is wonderful. Singing and dancing, pretty dresses, sounds perfect!

Q: What do you get nostalgic over?
A: The good old days when our family would all go to the lake together and eat ham and cheese on rolls and ski until it got dark. We still go out once in a while, but with the family grown and spread out we don't get out as often all together as we'd like. We miss it!

Q: What is your favorite TV show of all time?
A: Of all time? Camille's is a toss up between Friends and Arrested Development. Love those Bluths. Bonnie's current is Fashion Star. She couldn't pick an all time favorite.

Q: What’s the strangest compliment you’ve ever received?
A: Camille: I've had several people tell me I look like Marie Osmond. I think they are nuts, but I'll take it!
Bonnie: Someone told me they were surprised I looked so young, because I sounded so old on the phone. I guess that's a compliment!

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