How to Create Eight Point Stars & Y-Seams in Quilting

If you have ever seen the Laundry Basket Quilts booth at quilt shows, you're surrounded by Edyta's delicate strips, tiny blocks, and most of all, her pieced eight-point stars. While they may look difficult, they are impressive AND achievable. With some practice, you’ll be churning out her eight-point stars like a pro! We've posted a new video featuring her methods to master this block, starting with a basic Y-seam, then a Beginner Eight-Point Star, and finally a more Intricate Eight-Point Star.

First, let's start with the Basic Y-seam. A Y-seam is a sewing technique for joining three pieces of fabric where the seams come together in a “Y” shape, like in the star block below. The white dot, navy and light blue star points come together in a Y-seam.

Now apply this Y-seam to this Beginner Eight-Point Star block with Y-seams and download the pattern as well! 

Once you've mastered the beginner eight-point star block, the Intermediate Eight-Point Star piecing will be a piece of cake! Simply download the pattern, piece your strips together and cut them into diamond shapes to get the look of this amazing star block.

Try out Edyta's techniques and let us know how they work for you!

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