Now You Can Pre-Order at Fat Quarter Shop!

Hi everyone! At Fat Quarter Shop, we're always coming up with great new things for you! We are now offering you the ability to pre-order many of our popular coming soon products! This includes fat quarter bundles, kits, jelly rolls, layer cakes, charm packs and more.

Why should you pre-order? That's simple. 
There's nothing like being the first to get something shiny and new! When you pre-order, you will be sent that item before anyone else. What a perfect way to make your friends jealous! 

When your pre-ordered items arrive at our place, they go straight into a box with your name on it. We will ship it immediately and it will be in your hands within a few days if you are a U.S. customer! 

When you pre-order, you receive a discount on most items! Typically the discount will be 10% off but sometimes more. Some pre-order items will not offer a discount. This is an easy way to save on the items you want the most.

To pre-order, you will need to pay a reservation fee, normally $1.98 or less, to stake your claim to the product - think of it as a mini down payment. Then when your items ship, we will charge your credit card the remaining balance. 

No more continually checking back for weeks or months to see if the fabrics you're excited about are available for purchase. Once you pre-order, you know you'll get your fabrics and we'll take care of the rest. There is no waiting, forgetting or feeling like you might have missed out. 

So that sums it up - no waiting, no headaches and plenty of savings! 

Check out the products we currently have available for pre-order on our Pre-order Products page. These items are are also part of our Coming Soon page. 

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