Get To Know Jen Kingwell!

Hello everyone! Please welcome back Jen Kingwell to the Jolly Jabber! A few months ago, we asked you to post your burning questions for Jen through our instagram (if you don't follow us, you should!). We have compiled the questions and recorded a special Q&A edition with Jen today. And we know you'll LOVE it. 

We know that you've been begging for a tutorial on Jen's ring pincushion that she sported during our filming day and she was sweet enough to do a tutorial with us. If you're sewing your own version, don't forget to tag us with #ringpincushion and #fqsfun on instagram. 

Ready for another giveaway? Let us know what surprised you the most from Jen's Q& A video in the comments section of the blog and you might just win 5 of Jen's patterns. We will randomly pick a winner on April 21, 2015. Happy Quilting everyone. 

And the winner is

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