Cotton + Steel Collections and Pre-Orders!

Every season, we are always so excited to see what's new from Cotton + Steel. We got up close and personal with their newest collection at Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis and cannot wait to show you. 

Their booths are adorned with vintage memorabilia and accouterments. As usual, their individual collections are crafted to blend harmoniously, so you can't go wrong with mixing these ranges. 

Now let's take a closer look at their collections. Melody Miller's Picnic collection was inspired by vintage picnic icons and prints that will spark your imagination. 
Kim Kight's Lucky Strike collection tells a fanciful story of the 1970s Ladies' bowling league. Her prints range from score cards to small florals, and lucky charms as well.
Paper Bandana is an ode to the Japanese paper cutting craft, Kirigami. Alexia Abegg's hand made prints give the collection an earthy look. 
Honeymoon was inspired by Sarah Watts' honeymoon trip to Costa Rica with her husband. Her whimsical prints of sloths, horses, and birds takes you on a journey to this tropical destination. 
Lastly, Rashida Coleman-Hale's collection is so breezy! She translated wind in all of its beautiful form with her Zephyr collection. 

If you cannot wait to get your hands on these amazing collections, don't fret! We have them for pre-order at our shop so you will receive your favorites before anyone else, plus save with up to 11% when you pre-order!

Let us know which collection is your favorite in the comment section and happy quilting everyone! 

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