Fat Quarter Baby: Open for Extreme Cuteness

Consider yourself warned! We have lots of adorableness to share today from our Fat Quarter Baby book photoshoot. Last week, we gave you the tiniest teaser...

Today you get to see lots and lots more! But there are so many fat quarter quilts in this book (TWENTY!), let's go through it bit by bit. 

Every baby (or mommy) is unique and has a different style!

Maybe the lean toward the nature-inspired cuddly themes.

With some little ones, other activities take priority - like knocking down blocks, cooing at planes, and making music.

For little girls, who are we kidding? Sometimes it's just about being pretty, girl and princess-y.
How about some brights to cheer up Mom and Dad when they're changin the 18th diaper of the day? Not that they're counting (but they are).

And of course some nice, calming quilts to lull baby to sleep (for more than 4 hours hopefully...).

The common thread for all of these quilts? LOVE! We love every single one of the quilts in the Fat Quarter Baby. We hope you love making them for YOUR special bundles of joy too! We also challenge you to make EVERY SINGLE QUILT in the book!!

Our Fat Quarter Baby Book is due in November 2015 so be sure to pre-order your copy today to get 10% OFF the retail price! 

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