Patchwork Quilt Along

Welcome to our 2017 Patchwork Quilt Along! Join us as we sew this collection of 12 different classic patchwork blocks to create the lovely Patchwork Quilt!

Donate to our Make-A-Wish campaign for the use of our free patterns!

Our Patchwork Quilt Along benefits Make-A-Wish. This fantastic organization grants the wishes of children diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition. Make-A-Wish believes a wish experience can be a game-changer. Granted wishes help children feel stronger, more energetic, and more willing to face their medical battle, and for many the wish marks a turning point in the fight against their illnesses!

This year, Fat Quarter Shop and Moda Fabrics will match up to $20,000 of donations raised!  So help us reach that goal!

Block background: 2 ¾ yards, cut into 72 – 5” x 10” rectangles
Block prints: 72 – 5” x 10” rectangles of assorted prints
Inner border and sashing: 1 1/2 yards
Outer border: 2 yards
Binding: 5/8 yard
Backing: 5 1/4 yards
Backing block background: 5/8 yard
Backing block print: 1/2 yard

We have a limited supply of quilt kits and backing sets using the Bonnie & Camille Basics Collection by Bonnie & Camille for Moda Fabrics, order yours today!

Full fabric requirements will be provided if you opt to choose your own fabrics.
Our Patchwork quilt blocks are FREE to download on the 15th of every month starting in January 2017. We only ask a suggested donation of $5 to our Make-A-Wish campaign for each time you download our patterns. 

 Available May 15, 2017

Available June 15, 2017

Available July 15, 2017
Available August 15, 2017 

 Available September 15, 2017
              Available October 15, 2017 

Available November 15, 2017
Available December 15, 2017 

We're very happy that some of our favorite designers and quilting bloggers will be sewing along with us during our fundraiser for this wonderful cause. Check out their blogs and Instagram every month starting January 2017 to see the fabrics they're using and to see their progress!

*Psst! The designers of the quilt's fabrics - Bonnie & Camille - are sewing along, too! Fun!
Amanda from Jedi Craft Girl (@jedicraftgirl)
Amy of Diary of a Quilter (@diaryofaquilter)
Andy of A Bright Corner (@abrightcorner)
*Bonnie of Cotton Way (@bonniecottonway)
*Camille of Thimble Blossoms (@thimbleblossoms)
Debbie of Happy Little Cottage (@happylittlecottage1)
Greg of Grey Dogwood Studio (@greydogwoodstudio)
Heidi of Buttons and Butterflies (@buttonsandbutterflies)
Melissa of Happy Quilting (@happyquiltingmc)
Melissa of Oh How Sweet (@ohhowsweet)
Pat Sloan of (@quilterpatsloan)
Renee of Sewn with Grace (@sewnwithgrace)
Sedef of Down Grapevine Lane (@downgrapevinelane)
Sherri of A Quilting Life (@aquiltinglife)
Sondra of Out of the Blue Quilts (@sondradavison)
Taunja of Carried Away Quilting (@taunjalynn)
Tina of Emily Ann's Kloset (@emilyannskloset)
Carrie Nelson/Miss Rosie of Moda Cutting Table
Please share your progress and creations with us on our Patchwork Facebook group! Post your blocks using #patchworkquiltalong on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Magen S. said...

Just watched the first tutorial and I can not wait to make this adorable block!! Thank you so much!!

Carole Bowers said...

I'd like to use my own yardage but can't find the fabric requirements. I have a fat eighth bundle of 25 prints and would like to know how much plain yardage I need to go with it.

Quilts By Laurel said...

Carole Bowers - The info you need is here: just scroll down and it gives the amount :)

Carole Bowers said...

Quilts but Laurel
This is what the kit contains.

One 72-piece Print custom Jolly Bar of Bonnie & Camille Basics
One 72-piece Background custom Jolly Bar (SKU # 55023-38 from Bonnie & Camille Basics)
4.125 yards of fabric to finish the 58.5” x 68.5” quilt top and binding
Block One Pattern, Block Two Pattern and Finishing Kit pattern

I'm not using Jolly Bars so how much yardage do I need for the background? Is that 4.125 in addition to the Jolly Bars?

Thank you

Barbara Lightfoot said...

Yep, I'm with Carole. Where is the yardage required the link on the blog goes nowhere. Please help 💕❤💕

Carole Bowers said...

Right, Barbara. I'm really trying to use stash on this quilt along but don't want to start only to run out of background fabric which I'll then be unlikely to find a match for. I guess to be safe I could restock this background color since I'm running low.

Anonymous said...

The link to the fabric requirements doesn't go anywhere. I want to use Moda fabrics I already have in my stash but before I start would want to feel confident I have the required amounts. Thanks!!!

Sheila Jones said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Liz Jones said...

My question concerns the quilt kits: Have they already been mailed out? I pre-ordered my kit in 2016.

Susan said...

I am not seeing any fabric requirements for those of us using our own fabrics instead of the kit.

Sheila Jones said...

I can't find fabric requirements for those of us that want to us our stash. Not in the link you provided.

Debbie T said...

I would like the fabric requirements as well

Linda Cejnar said...

Please create a Fabric Requirements PDF for this project like you did with the other Donation Quilts. Thank you. ljbisme at msn dot com

Geri A said...

I, too, would like to have the fabric requirements, as I am intending to use my own fabrics on hand. Thank you...A PDF for Fabric Requirements would be appreciated.

Cheryl said...

I have done other quilt alongs with you and I'm pretty sure you always had a downloadable page for fabric requirements. Some of us like to use different fabrics than the "kit" and need to know how much background fabric we will need to finish all of the blocks the same so we have enough and don't run out. Also how much yardage for border and backing???

Carol Kuse said...

I am also looking for fabric requirement, please.

Nanette said...

I can't find the fabric requirements either!!

Sally Fester said...

Love to start this new BOM but need fabric requirements! This would be my 3rd quilt with Fat Quarter Shop! thanks!!

kim wesley said...

fabric requirements stated one 72 piece print jolly bar and one 72 piece solid jolly bar. A jolly bar is typically 42 pieces of 5" x 10". So you could buy 1 layer cake of print and one of solid and have what you need. A layer cake will be 10" square of 42 pieces and if you cut them in half to be 5" x 10" you get 84 pieces. Enough to cover the 72 piece jolly bar requirement. obviously you could use jelly rolls and 5 " squares and other sorts of precuts, but since we don't technically know what size pieces we will be cutting, it could be a problem to have a 2 1/2" jelly roll and not be able to make a cut.
I think the best option is 1 layer cake print and 1 layer cake solid if you aren't using jolly rolls.


Cheryl said...

Some of us DON'T want to use jolly bars, layer cakes or any other precuts. That is why we are asking for fabric requirements.

Gmama Jane said...

I'll just make each block and fly by the seat of my pants like I do everything else. I've got plenty of fabric to choose from.

Gmama Jane said...

I'll just make each block and fly by the seat of my pants like I do everything else. I've got plenty of fabric to choose from.

Dawn said...

Jolly bars are 5x10
Layer cakes are10 x 10, and jelly rolls are2 1/2 inch strips. With those dimensions, you can do the math to figure out what you need. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I have always found quilters to be very helpful to other quilters. I could not believe some of the comments that were of no help to those of us who wished to use up our stash. Tuesday morning found all of the fabric needed for this quilt listed. Thank you Fat Quarter Shop!!

Anonymous said...

It is now listed below the picture above.

Block background: 2 ¾ yards, cut into 72 – 5” x 10” rectangles
Block prints: 72 – 5” x 10” rectangles of assorted prints
Inner border and sashing: 1 1/2 yards
Outer border: 2 yards
Binding: 5/8 yard
Backing: 5 1/4 yards
Backing block background: 5/8 yard
Backing block print: 1/2 yard

Glenda said...

I am a beginning quilter, as in never quilted before and I really would like to be a part of this project. What are your thought with me doing this? Do you feel that it might be to much for me to take on. I am cautious because of the cost of fabric that you invest and I don't want to ruin it. If I get stumped I could always go to my local quilters store.

Sheila Jones said...

Glenda, do you have any sewing experience? My suggestion is to do a beginning quilt class at you LQS or an online class on first.This quilt isn't that difficult but I think some basic experience would benefit you.

Marnie Anderson said...

I am using your kit. Will I need the scraps from cutting the January block for future blocks or can I use them for something else?

Sandy from Columbus said...

I'm pleased with the patterns. Using up scraps, doubled the measurements for either a large quilt or two twin quilts. My background pattern is brown and I'm using scraps of brown there too. If they aren't an exact match I think it will just add to the uniqueness. First two set of blocks have gone together quickly and easily.

Anonymous said...

Without having seen all the finished patterns, it appears that this quilt can be made with:
2 Jolly Bars (5"x 10")
1 Layer Cake (10"x 10") cut into Jolly Bars
12 Fat Quarters (18"x 22") each cut into 6 Jolly Bars
1 Jelly Roll* (2½" x 40") cut into 10" strips

*Since I haven't seen all the patterns, this one is iffy. It is possible that there will be some pieces that are wider than 2½". If so, you might have to piece it together to get the width needed.

Roseanne Atkinson said...

The fabric yardage is just above the blocks you download.

gwenyth said...

I live in England and will donate to our 'make a wish' I hope that is okay with you. Sorry I am no reply, my email below

Bearpawquilter said...

I would rather donate to the Alaska chapter of Make-a-Wish to benefit Alaskan kids. Will there still be a matching fund opportunity? I am sewing up my blocks in pinks, greys, yellow, beige, sage green and making many more to end up with a large twin size. Loving these little blocks!

Helen L said...

I'm having trouble printing block #4. Blocks 1-3 printed up fine. Thanks!!

Helen L said...

it's working now. Thanks!!