Holiday Happy by Monica Solorio-Snow for Lecien Fabrics

Let's try this exercise. Close your eyes. Raise your hand if you've heard the name "Happy Zombie." Now raise your hand if you've spent an hour on her blog -- then accidentally spent another four hours clicking "Previous Entries." Now, I want you to raise your hand if you were drinking coffee/Dr. Pepper/something liquid and laughed so hard at her entries that you squirted said liquid through your nose. Now open your eyes! Look, it's all of youses!

All that to say, today's guest is no stranger to the land of quilt blogs, a cornucopia of magazines, Twitter -- she has even been on the Jolly Jabber before for our auction benefiting Haiti disaster relief via her celebrity quilt Bay Breeze.

But we finally get to have her on today to talk about her first line for Lecien, Holiday Happy! As soon as she told us about this fabric, I knew we'd been sucker-punched with the cutest line ever. (I normally steer away from using that word 'ever' but here I think it applies. I think you'll agree as you scroll down and gaze into the bright little eyes of Gnoma Clause.) Without further ado, I give you... Monica Solorio-Snow. *sparkly hand flourish*

I'm so excited to be a guest blogger on Jolly Jabber! When I was first asked to be a guest - I admit that I envisioned myself being interviewed on Seinfeld's Merv Griffin set...

and I was asked (begged) to do my world renowned Jan Brady imitation, "This is my boyfriend, George. George Glass". Bravo, bravo. Applause, applause - I'm basking in the glow of flicked lighters.

Ok, so it's not *exactly* that... but guesting on Jolly Jabber is a close second. Another thing - and no one seems to talk about it either... but Jolly Jabber Studios has an awesome green room! Crazy, I know. I've been stuffing myself with the finest cheeses and breads (which they fly in from Paris), hand-squeezed orange juice poured by Jay Leno... even the Red Vines are air ripened to perfection. Come to think of it... I think the rider I sent over to Jocelyn stated I wanted my Red Vines stale.

Team Fat Quarter Shop is amazing! (We're blushing!)

So the other man in my life besides George Glass (and my husband), is my little Gnoma. Gnoma Claus. Gnoma - all five sizes of him - can be found on a panel in my new Holiday Happy line by Lecien. Gnoma Claus ranges in size from just over 6" to a hair over 14", and he's got lots of room around him for ample cutting. I'm keeping it mum for now, so I'm only telling you - please don't let what I'm about to tell you get out. As the Holiday gift making season approaches (around November), I'll be doing a tutorial for 5 different sized bags... one in each size for each the Gnoma's on the panel. Holiday gift making just got easier... 5 gifts yielded from 1 panel. So get your panels now!

Even if you don't sew, you can still have fun with GC. Cut him out (careful, he's ticklish and may squirm), soak him for a few seconds in some (liquid laundry starch), and "wallpaper" him to a window, fridge, car, your cubicle cupboards, side of cruise ship. Wipe off excess starch and let dry. When it comes time to remove GC (around May or June), just peel off and wipe surface clean with sponge and water. Starched CG's can be used again and again. Really fun to do at the end of the season... have a reunion with all your Gnoma Clauses seated on the sofa - and have Andy Cohen interview them. As a precaution, I'd bolt down the coffee table.

Not your traditional holiday colors - Holiday Happy is a candy-colored Christmas in cherry red, Otter Pop blue, cotton candy pink, Lemonhead yellow and mint green taffy - which coordinates beautifully with Lecien's Flower Sugar II and Lecien's Color Basic!

Be sure to join Holiday Happy Flickr Group and add your photos to the HHFG. I'm not in the least bit shy to ask you post your photos of anything made with Holiday Happy... or if you spotted it some where... or just have a stash of it... or you've seen Gnoma Claus frolicking on the beach. Show off your projects and ideas... or be inspired by what others are doing. And my Gnoma... Gnoma Clause - can be your boyfriend too.

Monica Solorio-Snow
Happy Zombie Twitter