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  1. Loving this!!! If we want to use different colors,are the fabric Requirements for the whole quilt listed anywhere?

  2. Need supplies list for whole quilt for fabric please.

  3. Feeling a bit dim but having problems printing out the template to what I presume to be the true size - my old printer used to have a "no scaling" option but my current one seems to be a different beast.
    Is it possible to give the measurement of the base line of the triangle and I can draw out the template myself - wish I had listened more intently in geometry at school! Assume measurement from base to bottom of the black tip will be 6.5".

  4. Original Fabric Requirements indicate a Tea Rose colored fabric. In block 2, Peach is one of the colors used. Are these two colors the same, or is there an additional color to the original list?

  5. Tea rose is the color for 9900 89. Looks like they wrote peach in error.

  6. Hi there! You may see the words "Peach" and Tea Rose interchanged, but they are the same! :) Thanks for asking!

  7. I'm hoping you're the one with the answers on the "Bella Skill Builder" fabric requirements.

    It calls for "Off White 7.5 yards" .... 7 1/2 yards? Seems a little on the excessive size. If possible, could you please confirm?

    Thanks a bunch.

    1. I'm not who you were asking, but here's what I'm thinking...the backing set is 5.5 yards and almost all of the background on the front is off white, plus border. I'm guessing the remaining 2 yards accounts for seam allowances plus some extra for cutting mistakes. How does that sound? I'm also interested to see the answer from The Fat Quarter Shop, now that you got me thinking abbot it.

  8. Bonnie:
    According to this Blog,
    The fabric requirements are as follows :
    "...If you'd like to use different colored fabrics, here are the amounts of each that we used!
    Caribbean 2.25 yards
    Tea Rose 2 yards
    Weathered Teak .75 yard
    Raspberry 2.75 yards
    Ruby Ice 1 yard
    Zen Grey .75 yard
    Off White 7.5 yards
    Lagoon 1.25 yards..."

  9. Is this going to be a quilt as you go or if not are you recommending the type of quilting for each square? I would like to of it as a Quilt as you go and was hoping to learn new quilting template patterns.
    Thank you.

  10. Oh, I wish these came out on the last Friday of the month so we could Skill-build over the weekend...


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