Helping Haiti: The Auction Winners...

I am so excited writing this. This silent auction started as a tiny thing; we just wanted to use whatever samples we had in our shop to raise a bit of money for Haiti disaster relief. And then it sort of grew a life of its own, thanks to many good folks.

Thanks to Joanna Figueroa, Stephanie Dunphy, Laurie Simpson, Pam Buda, Anne Sutton, Lissa Alexander, Barbara Jones, Bari J., Genevieve Gail, Barb & Mary, the Fat Quarter Shop girls, Robert Kaufman Fabrics, Henry Glass Fabrics, Denise Sheehan, Mary Cowan, and Happy Zombie for your quilt/craft donations! And thanks to American Patchwork & Quilting and everyone else who helped us get the word out! We didn't solicit ANYONE for ANYTHING -- they all contacted us individually and offered to donate after we had already announced the auction. Awesome.

And thank you all for participating with your comments & bids, for your willingness to use the financial resources you have, no matter the amount, to send desperately needed help & hope to Haiti. It is still their number one need for now, and we are moved that we can offer anything at all.

Here are the winners! If you have not already, please e-mail Jocelyn proof of your donation to any of the organizations listed in this post, and we will arrange for your quilt to be sent to you!

Dionysia - Parisian Pastries Quilt
Kathy - Peach Cobbler Quilt
Diane - Shade Garden Quilt
Sandy - Ice Cream Swirls Quilt
Maria a.k.a. passingdowncrazy - Bunk House Kid quilt
ANONYMOUS - Garden Cameo Quilt If this is you, please contact us!
Connie H. - The Bunny Run quilt
Julie Herman a.k.a. Jaybird - Zen Garden quilt
Lizzie - Pennsylvania Dutch Sampler Quilt
Brenda Kowalski - Spring Hill Quilt
Suzie - Dandelion Wishes Quilt
Connie H. - Neptune's Girl Quilt
Sandy Bovee - Bay Breeze Quilt
Jocelyn - Ice Cubes Baby Quilt
Mother Peg - Craft Addict Brooch
Dionysia - Woodstock Quilt
Sue Gaffney - Fiona's Frolic Quilt
Joyce a.k.a. Creations by Jellen - Dora S'mores Quilt
Sandy - Fresh Laundry Quilt
Claudia - Miss Jump's Honeycomb Quilt
Suzie - Charlotte S'mores Quilt
Kathy of Pink Chalk Studio -  Alison Wristlet in Cream
Kathy - Alison Wristlet in Fuchsia
Suz - Cotton Blossoms Quilt
Vicky - The Sailboat Quilt
Sue Gaffney - Portugal Dreams Table Topper

In two short weeks, just in bids alone, we were able to raise $9,230! Amazing!! I have already received several proof of donations and know that you are already making a great impact over there.

Can't say thank you enough. :)

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